Some of the top benefits of the Empowering Humanity Community include:

1) Share your message and insights so that you’re able to make a difference in the communities and causes that matter most to you

2) Receive wisdom and powerful resources from some of the top experts in their fields to stay inspired and empowered

3) Make a bigger impact when you join hands with other community members

Together, we can lift the consciousness of the world!


We invite and encourage everyone to share with the Empowering Humanity community short stories of:

  • Triumphs over tragedies
  • Comebacks after failures
  • Overcoming the odds & obstacles to achieve success

…along with the insights gained from your experience¬†
so that others in the community might benefit from your wisdom.

We will choose a few members from those who post to become authors in our upcoming Empowering Humanity book.

Posts should be 300 words or less and include an inspiring image or video recording of you telling your story.

Aimmee Kodachian

Founder of Empowering Humanity, TV Host, Author, Keynote Speaker

Some of our community leaders include…

Judi Moreo

Internationally Known Author, Keynote Speaker, Publisher

Adnan Khawaja

Web Design and Marketing Consultant

SoFeya SahRa Joseph

Former Olympics Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker

Christopher Collin Burns

Men’s Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker, Retreat Facilitator

Brandy Miller

Brandy Miller

Creativity Consultant,
Marketing Strategist

Tom Riley

Empowering Humanity Sponsorship Manager