Vocal Coaching 101 (Coming Soon)

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Turn a Good Voice into a Great Voice

There's one major difference between good singers and great singers: Training. Vocal coaching trains good singers in: => Proper breathing techniques => Support & Posture => Tone Creation => Sound Placement => Increasing vocal range => Eliminating vocal breaks => Developing endurance => Perfecting vocal control ...and other techniques that will help them go from "good" to creating flawless performances. Stephanie Thompson, the Musical Director of Empowering Humanity TV and a classically trained singer-songwriter, approaches coaching with an overall goal of helping the singer achieve a finer grasp of musical style. In this short course, Stephanie goes over the basics of vocal coaching and sets her students up for success. Here is what just one of her clients has said about working with Stephanie: "After working with Stephanie Thompson as my Vocal coach, my singing improved dramatically.I would highly recommend Stephanie if you’re a singer at any level.I had better breath support and my natural voice really came out so that I was singing more freely and my voice was stronger. Now I love singing even more than ever because I’m so comfortable with my technique and my confidence level is through the roof. She has the ability to really delve into your voice and bring out the best voice you have!” - Cody Herd, Organist and Singer
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